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Earthing Fitted Sheets – Finally a Product That Works

As a person suffering from insomnia and back pain, I have tried various types of beds. I don’t know whether the lack of sleep causes the joint pains or I am not able to sleep because of the pain. But, somehow my painful and disturbed nights were longer than days. I have tried everything from soft beds to hard beds, water beds to magnetic beds. But, there wasn’t any satisfactory result.

The Earthing Universal Mat

The Earthing universal Mat is the recent talk of the group among many nature lovers and fitness seekers. The mat is advertised as a product creating earthly vibrations. The mat is capable of linking the body parts we place on it to the Earthing connection in the ground. Introduction Fitness market goes ablaze with new products from time to time. The laser combs, magnetic belts and now Earthing mats. For people wondering what Earthing means, it is the general electrical energy in the earth. This energy is necessary to run any electrical object. Our home electrician will connect important electrical devices to the ground, calling it Earth connection. The mat does the same for our body parts.

Vitiligo and Ayurveda

Ayurveda is very effective for vitiligo of the skin. It can bring back pigmentation and restore your body’s balance.

How You Can Benefit From Argan Oil

Among the trees that can be found in Morocco is the argan tree which produces a large amount of kernels. The kernels are used for making oil which of the main use for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. The benefits of argan oil are innumerable and proven by scientific research which makes it much sought after.

How to Reduce Cholesterol Quickly With the Omega-3 Mediterranean Diet

Cholesterol is a crucial compound for the health of our bodies, but unfortunately when it dysfunctions, people want to know how to reduce cholesterol quickly. This is where an essential nutrient has been proven to offer the solution.Omega-3 essential fatty acids are among the most researched and discussed nutrients that are available today, mainly due to the health benefits they offer for your heart and their ability to lower cholesterol quickly.

Herbs and Spices: Cinnamon

Ahhh! Who doesn’t like cinnamon? You can put it on oatmeal or apple pie or cinnamon toast. It makes the house smell so good. When realtors want to sell a house, they either bake cinnamon rolls or put it in a pan of water and boil it for a few minutes to let it waft through the air while they show the house, bringing out the feeling of “home” in the potential buyers. It is also medicinal.

The World of Chiropractics

Popping pills is a norm these days. In a world of instant success, soup, etc., a nice rejuvenating natural way to re balance your body is a great idea.

How to Decrease Cholesterol in a Natural Approach

Most often the first thing that you are told to do when the high cholesterol results come in, is change your diet and get on statin drugs. These are two good options, but there are so many other ways to decrease cholesterol naturally.

Hot Flashes and Night Sweats Can Be Controlled With Herbs and Phytogens

If you have hot flashes or night sweats you know that they can disrupt your life. Both can cause physical discomfort as well as anxiety even leading to panic attacks. Because night sweats interrupt the normal sleep cycle, they may also cause insomnia or panic attacks at night. The anxiety and sometimes terror that accompany these two problems can be much more of a problem than just a change in body temp. Rather than trying to stay young with HRT that may actually do more harm than good, some women try to find supplements that mimic estrogen and cause the body to lower levels of FSH and LH gently and naturally.

Primatones Chakra Tuning Forks

Those of you using tuning forks are probably aware of the Chakra Tuning Fork Set. A new set of chakra tuners have been introduced called the Primatones Chakra Tuning Fork Set. This 7 fork unweighted set is based on the work of Arnold Keyserling and furthered by Ralph Losey of the School of Wisdom.

Self Health Care – Why a Medical Checkup Isn’t Enough

Medical checkups are commonly seen as an excellent method of self health care. Unfortunately, checkups and screenings do nothing to prevent breast cancer or other diseases. Luckily, by studying the scientific literature, we’ll discover that there’s a lot we can do to avoid visits to the doctor in the first place.

How to Treat Inflammation With Natural Anti Inflammatory Choices

Natural anti inflammatory drugs are a better choice than non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs if you suffer from chronic pain or inflammation related diseases. Natural anti inflammatory drugs are made without animal products, have no known adverse side effects, and are safe for almost anyone to take.

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