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Basics For Better Overall HEALTH

Most people will tell you, they seek to achieve the best, possible, overall health, and well – being, yet, few seem to focus on the best approach to achieving these objectives! Wouldn’t it, perhaps, be helpful, if we would consider, some basics, to achieve better, overall HEALTH? A healthy life, should be our priority, but, often, is ignored, or minimized, either, because, many of us, lack, either, the personal commitment, and/ or, discipline, to make this, a personal priority.

How Might You ACCESS, A Better You?

Doesn’t it make sense, to try to, do all you possibly can, to try to become the best, you might possibly be, and meet, and/ or, exceeds your needs, priorities, and perceptions? With all the choices, and decisions, you need to make, how might you ACCESS, your finest potential, and how to achieve these? Since, those, who are happiest, and most fulfilled, usually, have the greatest potential, to live a healthier, more content, life, shouldn’t you seek this?

Get Healthier, With An OPEN – Mind!

Although, most people, claim, they seek to live the happiest, healthiest lives, few, seem, ready, willing, and/ or, able to proceed, forward, taking advantage of the maximum potential and possibilities! For some, their biggest obstacle, is themselves, because, they remain, within the restraints and restrictions, of their self – imposed, comfort zone, rather than expanding it, in order to enhance their potential, and opportunities! If you truly, want to become, happier, and healthier, you must, first, proceed, with an OPEN – mind, and, be willing to investigate and consider, the finest opportunities, and possibilities!

Will You Be SMART About Your Health?

As, in nearly, every other aspect, of life, and living, it often seems, common sense, is anything but, common! This may be, even more relevant, when it comes to, how we take care of ourself, and our personal health, and well – being! Are you ready, willing, able, and committed, to be, SMART, about your overall health, happiness, and personal fulfillment?

How To Use Affirmations, For Self – Help?: 6 Key Steps

How often, do you, or someone you know, appear to be reaching – out, for some help, but, feel, somewhat, overwhelmed, because, you aren’t certain, precisely, what the core issue, or issues/ concerns, may be? After, over 4 decades of involvement, in a variety of areas, including, personal development, and/ or, self – help, I have come to realize, one of the best approaches and techniques, is effectively, using, what is known as, Affirmations. These, positive, present- tense, statements, put you, in the mind – set, to see things as they can, and should be, rather than remaining stuck, in…

Alternative Approaches, For Arthritis Symptoms: 4 Options

Before, anyone should consider, any alternative treatments, etc, for any illness, or ailment, he should consult with a trusted, health professional, and receive a through diagnosis, and suggestions, regarding one’s options, etc. Depending on the choices, degree of discomfort, and the potential results of so – called, conventional treatments, some might consider, some alternative approaches, and/ or, treatments. One of the most prevalent ailments, many of us, suffer from, is the symptoms and discomforts of arthritis, and arthritis – related ailments.

A SIMPLE Approach To A Healthier Life

Instead of being afraid, of what might happen, wouldn’t it make more sense, to look at what might be possible, if you were ready, willing, and able, to consider the possibilities, options, and opportunities, with an open – mind? Most of us, complicate our lives, often, by considering, life’s obstacle, to be problems, when it would be more constructive, and optimistic/ forward – looking, to think of these, as challenges, to overcome. Close your eyes, and envision, the significant difference between perceiving problems, versus the possibility – thinking strengths, of thinking of these, as merely, a challenge!

Why We WORRY, Even Though, It Doesn’t Help?

Human nature, being what it is, sometimes seems counter – productive! We often spend far too much time, and expend excessive energy, focusing on, and doing things, which rarely produce the most desirable results, and/ or, our own, personal, self – interests! One reaction, to some of life’s obstacles, often thrust in our path, is resorting to worrying.

What Do You Consider Your Greatest STRENGTH?

Before anyone can become better, and thus, happier, and healthier, it’s important, if not, essential, to identify, know, and effectively use, what you consider, your personal STRENGTH. This must be done, after giving yourself, a check – up, from the neck – up, and being ready, willing, and able, to honestly, recognize your areas of strength, as well as your weaknesses. The more, internal strength, of character, and being, you possess, and, knowing how to take advantage of these, while addressing areas of weakness, in a realistic way, the happier, and stronger, you will probably become.

CALM Down, And Feel Better!

Most of us, whether we care to admit it, or not, have the potential, to be, either, our best friend, or worst enemy! You can either think you can, or can’t. Either way, you’ll be correct.

Do You Know, What WORKS Best, For You?

No two people, are the same, in every way! Even identical twins, have differences, because of their experiences, attitudes, etc. Therefore, if you want to be, as happy and productive, as you might possibly become, it’s essential to know, what WORKS, specifically, for you!

How Is My Spine Alignment Related To My Pain?

How is your pain ultimately be related to the spine? This article goes over that and opens up new ideas of where your pain is really originating from. Once you know this, you can start doing something about it.

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