What the Cannabis Industry Really Is: Bob Hoban / Green Flower Cannabis Business Summit

A New Infrared Healing Tool – The Amethyst BioMat

The BioMat is designed to emit light at wavelengths that have healing properties. Amethyst was chosen because of its unique light signature and conductive properties. When heated, it emits light at 8 and 12 microns of wavelength. This light, on the far infrared side of the spectrum, penetrates deeply into tissues, increases circulation and metabolism, and relieves pain directly.

Motion Sickness Treatments – 3 Uncommon Treatments For Motion Sickness

People often resort to medications that can be bought over a counter to counteract the effects of the symptoms that arise. There are others who make use of herbs to cure the complications in their stomachs. Here are 3 other methods to treat motion sickness that you might not know about…

What to Know About Bee Propolis

Know more about Bee Propolis and how it can be useful and beneficial to many individuals today. It has many active ingredients and comes in various forms, from ointments, creams, supplements, soap, toothpaste, chewing gum, and more. Read this article for more info on Bee Propolis.

Does Chiropractic Really Offer Natural Restoration of Health?

Modern medicine is known to use advanced formulas of medicine to cure illness and sickness. The advance exercise machines also help those in physical therapy.

Staying Healthy This Winter With Chinese Medicine

How winter affects our body’s, how to balance your organs and Chinese remedies to boost your immune system. Also tips on feeling good through the festive season.

Olive Leaf Herb Is Known to Kill Every Virus and Germ Known to Man

Olive leaf herb has been mentioned many times to be a good and powerful herbal medicine. With the history of many viruses that fatally affected millions of people around the world, series of researches and studies were done to make scientific testing to prove the medicinal benefit of olive leaf herb. The bird flu has been mentioned as the worst virus of 1918.

Simple Tips for Back Pain Relief

Back pain is one of the most common causes of pain and disability. Learn two simple ways to keep your back and neck healthy and functioning optimally.

Can You Trust Chiropractic Care On Joint Mobility Improvement?

Lack of mobility and subluxation causes the degeneration of joints in the human body. For the elders who are less active, joint mobility is often a problem. For those who are suffering from an injury or disability, degeneration of joints will occur.

Managing Stress With Chiropractic Treatment

Millions of people experience chronic stress every day and they are helpless victims of the effects of stress. Chronic stress is physically, mentally and emotionally unhealthy. It can drive a person crazy if it is not managed properly.

Depression and How to Treat It Definitively

Depression is a very particular emotional state characterized fundamentally by habitual sadness, loss of interest or pleasure in almost all things, loss of confidence in oneself and in life, a feeling of uselessness, a sensation of failure, pessimism in addition to tiredness, fatigue, appetite problems and in many cases common physical consequences such muscle tension, lower back pain, blood pressure alterations, dizziness, etc. Many depressed patients additionally display irritability, distress, fear, anxiety and restlessness, sometimes to the point that they have an emotion crisis.

How to Make Your Home Safe for Alzheimer’s Patients

Till date, doctors and scientists have not found a way to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The disease keeps progressing thereby causing great harm to the patient. The person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease finds it difficult to remember recent events and generally get confused.

The Uses of Eclipta Alba in Ayurvedic Medicine

Eclipta Alba is the scientific name for what amounts to a weed that grows in many moist, tropical areas all over the world. This “weed” is a major player in the holistic healing system of India called Ayurveda. This holistic healing system is probably the oldest continuing healing system on the planet, going back at least 5,000 years.

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