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Natural Remedies To Control and Cure Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disorder that shows up as flaky and red patches on the skin. In order to either control or cure psoriasis, many people turn to natural and home remedies. These can be very effective at treatment or prevention and if you’re tired of harsh medications, try one of these top five home remedies.

How Chiropractic Reimbursements Will Be Affected by Medicare Sequestration

Chiropractic services are going to be affected by Medicare sequestration rates. This article will help you determine if reimbursements were paid properly.

Disease Model in Alternative and Orthodox Medicine

This article highlights the difference in the orthodox and the alternative medicine approach to disease model and disease treatment. The current orthodox medicine looks at disease as “damage” to the human body, which is supposed to be “fixed” or “repaired” the very same way as, for example, a car. Alternative medicine looks at disease as “a deviation from the norm” that can be healed through the “regulation of physiological processes” that occur in the body. The article argues that this approach is more natural and has less side effects.

Possible Symptoms and Treatment

Candida is a yeast organism that can cause infection in both men and women. Proper and early treatment can give a relief without complications.

Some Home Truths On How To Grow Taller

This article details some ways in how to grow taller, despite your genetics which plays a great influence on how tall you are. The article describes the impact that the human growth hormone, sleep, exercise and more have on your height and how you can grow a few more inches.

4 Home Remedies for a Jelly Fish Sting

A day at the beach just isn’t complete without a nice refreshing swim in the ocean. Yes, lying out in the wonderful hot sun is a nice way to start the beach outing, but starting the day with sunbathing should end with a nice cool swim.

4 Home Remedies for Bee Stings

Bee stings can leave people’s skin swollen and painful. The swollen part of the skin at the bee sting can also become itchy and irritated, with it being too painful to itch. Before trying to treat the bee sting, people need to make sure to remove the stinger.

Royal Jelly – A Natural Alternative to Alleviate Depression

Recent studies show that royal jelly is a powerful alternative to ease symptoms of depression. But taking it as a supplement to minimize the impact of depression in your life may not be enough. Depression is a serious disorder that needs to be understood. Please read on to know why and how royal jelly and depression came to meet each other.

Raising Your Vibration and the Importance of Grounding

When you were born, you came into this world vibrating at a certain frequency. You could call this your “energy signature”, your own, personal vibration. As life unfolds and experiences change you, the vibration you were born with changes too, to reflect your inner thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Bedwetting (Nocturnal Enuresis) – 11 Tips To Stop Bedwetting

Get some advice on how you can best cope with the challenges of bedwetting and how to create good toilet routines. Having a child with nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting at night) can be both sad and frustrating. One can begin to get help as early as 6-7 years of age. But remember this; a child’s understanding and motivation to work with the problem is often not present until 8 years of age. So be patient. Eventually you will reach the goal and your child will stop bedwetting at night!

Causes, Triggers And Symptoms Of Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

There has been a moment in all our lives that brings us to the edge, almost literally leading to a nervous breakdown or an anxiety attack. Such attacks have your stomach churn, set your heart rate pumping furiously, make you gasp for breath and you feel your chest sink in and shoulders tighten.

Supplements Of Fish Oil Lower Cholesterol – The Important Health Benefits of Fish Oil Supplements

One of the best dietary supplements that any of us should intake every now and then due to its rich palette of benefits is fish oil. Do supplements of fish oil lower cholesterol? Usually, fish oil is available over-the-counter, in soft gel tablets. It’s derived from oily fish tissues, especially fish liver. Some of the most important compounds present in it are the omega-3 fatty acids – docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

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