Using Cannabis to Treat Migraines: Jessica Peters / Green Flower Cannabis Health Series

Effective Ayurvedic Treatments for Hepatitis and Cirrhosis

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but it cannot cure everything. Medication often comes with side effects, some of which are worse than the symptoms the pills are supposed to cure. Thankfully there are alternatives, which can be used alongside or instead of conventional medicine to relieve those ailments that continue to make our lives a misery.

Which Skin Conditions Can Be Treated With Eclipta Alba?

Eclipta alba has long been known to possess strong restorative powers. It has been a major component of traditional medicine in India, China, Taiwan and even as far afield as Brazil, because the chemicals it contains are some of the most potent that occur in nature. The Chinese and Brazilians have used eclipta alba in their herbal remedies for everything from hair loss to snakebites, and in each case medical science has found that the cures this plant provides really do work.

The Amazing Healing Properties of Eclipta Alba

In the world of Ayurvedic Medicine, there exists a plant that has some amazing healing properties. This plant’s scientific name is Eclipta Alba but in Ayurvedic medicine it is also referred to as Bringraj. This Eclipta Alba plant is really just a weed that grows in many moist, tropical areas of the world.

She Could Not Weep So Her Eczema Did – Homeopathy Helped the Model Smile Again

The patch of eczema didn’t just itch, it wept, causing 20-year-old Kayla to seek the help of an “alternative health” doctor. During the office visit with the homeopath, Kayla learned the difference between the Compensated State and the Uncompensated State and why her eczema wept.

Can Ayurvedic Medicine Treat Hair Loss?

Hair loss is a terrible ailment that causes stress and lower self-esteem for millions each year. The symptoms, whether slow in onset or quick to appear, reduce self confidence and attempts to hide or disguise the condition rarely succeed. There are many remedies for hair loss on the market but out of all the herbal medicine options, only ayurvedic medicine is proven by medical science to be both a quick and effective remedy.

How to Treat Hair Loss With Eclipta Alba or Bhringaraj

Hair loss is a terrible blow to anyone’s self-confidence so it is no wonder that millions are spent each year on tonics, potions and other treatments of dubious quality and effectiveness, all in the hope that a cure will be found. Most cures on the market work only is specific circumstances, if at all, but there is one that is backed by hard science. Eclipta alba is a plant that grows in the tropical regions of the world and has been used in both traditional Indian and Chinese medicine for over 5000 years.

What Is the Most Effective Ayurvedic Treatment for Hair Loss?

In Ayurveda a traditional form of Indian medicine, Bhringaraj is a powerful natural herb with many uses. The plant is comes from has the scientific name Eclipta Prostrata or Eclipta Alba and it is found throughout India, China, Thailand and as far away as Brazil. Bhringaraj has featured amongst the Ayurvedic herbs for hair for millennia.

Eclipta Alba: Quite Possibly the Most Useful Weed on the Planet

Eclipta Albais the scientific name for a weed that grows in moist, tropical areas. It is one of the “herbs” used in Ayurvedic medicine for many maladies. Ayurveda is the holistic healing system of India.

How to Begin Editing Our Karma? [Part 13] Star Charts for Our Moments

When we embark on a healthier lifestyle, unless we are unwell, it is not because we anticipate benefits ‘now’. We do so mostly in a bid to ensure a healthy future, as if good health were synonymous with long life and with satisfying, happy, long life. We plan ‘the future’, as if we knew what the future would look like by the time it becomes the ‘now’ moment under our feet.

Some Reasons Why Many People Find Chiropractors Are A Good Alternative

Chiropractors are those medical professionals who help patients with muscoloskeletal system problems by providing them with alternative and safe treatment. If you check statistical info pertaining to chiropractic service today, you’d be surprised to know that it is the second-largest primary health care profession in the United States. In fact, there are about 60,000 chiropractors in active practice in the US today and that would translate to 1 chiropractor per 2875 citizens – this is according to the figures given by International Chiropractors Association. With these figures, this industry is seen to continue to flourish in years to come.

Candida Albicans: 4 Causes Which Allow This Yeast Infection To Grow

Candida Albicans is a yeast infection which, if allowed to grow, can affect our health. There are a variety of causes which enable candida to take hold and here we look at four of them.

Bacopa Prevents Alzheimer’s and Boosts Brain Function

Located in the marshy environments of Asia and portions of the lower United States that include Hawaii and Florida, the perennial herb Bacopa Monnieri (also known as Brahmi) has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. Ancient cultures used the herb during religious ceremonies to increase brain function and feelings of tranquility. Bacopa has been used in India for centuries as a way to sharpen both short and long-term memory, improve academic performance, enhance the ability to learn and sharpen overall mental alertness.

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