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Part 2: Your Shortcut to Turn Your Thoughts Into New Patients

Continuing the information shared in the first previous article about how to repurpose your thoughts. Here’s a quick recap in case you missed it. The information you share on a daily basis with your patients can be used in a much more expansive way and will actually get you more patients if you simply type it into an article and share it with the masses.

Natural Pain Therapies – Treating Pain Without Harmful Drugs

Many people who suffer with pain are concerned about taking pain medications, and for good reason. These medications have harmful side effects and narcotic drug treatments are addictive. Natural alternative pain injection treatments use homeopathic, procaine or dextrose. These are safe, natural and effective treatments for pain.

3 Misconceptions About Using Chiropractic Videos on YouTube

There are plenty of chiropractors who have been told that you can build a practice by marketing online. Find out more…

Your Shortcut to Turn Your Thoughts Into New Patients

Recently I had a lunch meeting with a personal injury attorney and during the conversation he asked me “How do you get your patients?” My short answer is generally the same. I get my business primarily from referrals from attorneys, current and past patients and I get a ton of business from the internet. Intrigued by my last response he needed a bit of clarification and I explained one of the simple methods I use that I want to share with you.

Important Things to Know Before Visiting a Chiropractor

Many people suffer from different kinds of body pains. Most of them simply take pain relievers and continue with their daily activities.

What Do You Know About The Top Secrets Of Sugar Substitutes?

There are no tried and tested formulas when it comes to different health issues. To uphold any health plan it has to be recognized that sickness is an effect of a whole range of factors. The only way in doing this is by taking one issue at time. We must have some knowledge, some advanced plans that have certainly taken health and well-being aspects into a different direction over recent times.

The Best Natural Stress Buster For A Taxing Day

Feeling taxed today? Here’s a great natural solution – with interesting clinical research behind it.

Knowing This Can Help You Reverse Poor Posture Permanently And With Little Effort

With regards to our overall health, wellness and awakening, physical posture is an important factor. It’s tied into many of the various symptoms that people experience in their bodies. From pain anywhere in a person’s body to slipped vertebral discs in the lower lumbar spine and the lower cervical spine, emotional issues that folks experience like depression, anger, to problems in the lungs such as asthma and issues with the cardiovascular system. Blood pressure problems in men can be related to posture. In women, there are thyroid issues or hot flashes. Again, the physical posture can be connected to a lot of symptoms.

Tips to Prevent Upper Back Pain

Back pain can affect people of any age and may happen at some point in our lives. It is a symptom of a medical condition that when not addressed to can cause serious complications. Pain may gradually build up or may also be quick to start, and pain can range from a tingling sensation to a sharp and chronic sensation.

Prevent Cancer and Diabetes With Vitamin D

This explains how important enough vitamin D is to preventing cancer. Also if a pregnant mother and baby get enough vitamin D, it will reduce the chances of getting type 1 diabetes by over 95%. Vitamin D is already a recognized cure for rickets.

Are Herbs Healthier Than Medications?

This compares medications (drugs) to herbs as for as which is better for health. Also learn about Dr. James Duke (PhD in botany), who worked for the U.S.D.A. for over 3 decades investigating the healing power of plants.

Why Reiki Isn’t Healing Your Life

As a practitioner of a complete healing system, it saddens me to see so many people who have nearly given up on energetic healing, because their only experience has been reiki, and it hasn’t worked for them. Even though they’ve been very dedicated and received pricey sessions on a weekly basis, (some of them for years!), they have not seen any real change in their lives. For many of my clients, they interpret this failure as some fault of their own.

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