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Health: The BIG Picture

Will you, proceed, through life, with an open – mind, and allow yourself, to expand the limitations of your personal comfort zone, and predetermined beliefs, or will you restrict the possibilities, and, not take advantage of some of the possible alternatives, etc, which have the potential, to make a significant difference, for the better? The quality of your health, often, is determined, by whether, or not, you look at the BIG picture, or are satisfied, with the same – old, same – old, and the limitations, that approach, might bring. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, review,…

A Healthier Life SYSTEM

Have you ever felt, frustrated, by the continuous cycle, of feeling healthy, followed by poorer health, then taking medications, feeling like you are simply, covering – up, the symptoms, rather than addressing the cause? Unlike many other nations, we, in the United States, proceed, with an, allopathy – first, and/ or, allopathy – oriented, process/ set of priorities, rather than emphasizing addressing the causes (instead of the symptoms)! While, medications are, certainly, needed, to address certain ailments, diseases, etc, there are many times, another focus, might be a healthier, longer – term, one.

Be Smarter!: Take A Deep BREATH!

How often, do, most of us, face some obstacle, and, visualize, gloom – and – doom, focusing on potential products, and, what, might go wrong, rather, than, the potential, possibilities, and ways of overcoming any particular challenge? However, the wisest, among us, are, generally, those, who, take a step – back, try to relax, and take a deep BREATH, before taking any action, and/ or, over – reacting! Don’t sweat the petty stuff!

Be SMARTER, With Your Health!

Since, it’s nearly impossible, to fully enjoy your life, if you don’t have your health, doesn’t it make sense, to proceed, in your own, best interests? There are many choices, and decisions, each of us, make, on a regular basis, so, we should, focus, on being, consistently, SMARTER, when it comes to our health, and well – being. Although this may seem obvious, most of us, pay very little attention to it!

Relieving PAIN, Without Pills!

One of the greatest challenges, facing America, and much of the rest of the world, is the ever – expanding, opioid epidemics. Americans are witnessing more, and more, people, becoming addicted to prescription, and non – prescription medicines/ pills, many claiming to reduce and address specific pains, or, a specific PAIN. Wouldn’t we, be better served, if/ when, there was less dependency, on pain – killers, which have a wide variety of unwanted, undesirable side effects, and more consideration of safer, non – addictive alternatives, when possible?

Natural Immune Boosters: Some Things, To Know

The health system, employed, predominantly, in the United States, focus on, and emphasizes, treating symptoms and ailments, while, most other nations, seek to, proactively, reduce illness, by enhancing our immune systems, in an organized, effective way. Although, it is essential, to consult your personal health practitioner, before proceeding, with any alternative approach, there has been, much written, in the literature, about certain elements, and supplements, enhancing our overall health, by building – up, our immunity. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, a few of these supplements, and what, it is believed,…

Why, Your Well Being, Is, ALWAYS, Up To You?

If you want to be, truly, happy, it’s ALWAYS, up to you! Granted, life will bring, both, ups, and downs, but, the issue of happiness, depends on how you handle these! You can think you can, or can’t.

Why Don’t You, HELP Yourself?

By now, most of us, recognize, the obstacle, and extent of the opioid epidemic! However, while, there are many causes, perhaps, one of the most relevant ones, is many people, seek a simplistic, easy cure, and/ or fix, rather than being willing to focus on, how, they might, more effectively, address the root – causes. and, how, to better HELP themselves!

How, Many, LIMIT, Their Health Possibilities?

If you hope to, and desire/ want, the best, possible health, and well – being, doesn’t it make sense, to, consistently, proceed, with an open – mind, and take advantage of the many, various, possibilities? Those, who refuse to do so, for whatever reason, especially, when it’s based on refusing to proceed, without bias and prejudgment, or to expand the self – imposed limitations of their personal comfort zone, almost, always, LIMIT their possibilities, and potential. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, why, it is wise, to do, everything…

Why Vaccines Should Be Mandated?

When the safety and well – being, of the overall public, for the common – good/ safety, contrasts, with someone’s personal freedoms/ perspectives, which should be the priority, and/ or, most essential? Just, as it, applies, to other matters, related to, public safety, this issue, needs to be carefully considered, in terms of the bigger – picture! For example, for generations, measles, were nearly exterminated, by widespread, use of well – tested, effective vaccinations.

What’s Your Healthy Approach?: Conventional, Alternative, Wellness?

While most people, will tell you, they hope to live a healthier, happier life/ existence, there is no such thing, as a, one – size – fits – all, approach, and/ or, formula, for achieving these objectives. Some are only comfortable with conventional treatments, and will do nothing, without being expressly, directed by their doctor. Others, are uncomfortable, don’t trust, or feel, there’s a better way, than that approach, and, favor, alternative medicine, and treatments.

What You Need To Know, About The Potential Benefits, Of Vitamins A, B, C, D, And, E?

We often hear, lots of information, about the potential benefits of specific vitamins, minerals, and other supplements. Although, some, minimize the meaning and benefit, of addressing, many of our health needs, through, using certain supplements, unfortunately, it seems, far too few people, understand and appreciate some of the potential uses and benefits. Perhaps, more people have heard of vitamins, but, that doesn’t mean, they really, understand, what that means.

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