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Unique Treatments For Tinnitus

Your tinnitus can be caused by many different things. If you don’t treat it in its initial stages, it may even become worse. There are a few things you can do to relieve your symptoms. This article will discuss some of the alternative treatments for tinnitus.

Scare Tactics In Healthcare and Chiropractic?

While it is not my interest or intent to throw specific chiropractors “under the bus,” I find it necessary to talk in generalities about a certain trend in our profession that I, as a chiropractor, am becoming more and more uncomfortable with. I am referring to a trend that involves a patient being required to sign contracts with chiropractors for a year or more and pay for that treatment up front before any treatment is administered.

How To Put An End to Painful And Dangerous Constipation!

Constipation has become a huge health problem in the western world. Do you know that the average westerner stores from 6 -10 pounds of waste in their colon – definitely not good!

Increase Happiness Through Tai Chi and Qigong

Is it possible to improve our overall level of happiness? I certainly believe this is achievable, and I would like to discuss how a solid Qigong practice can aid in this endeavor.

Use Goldenseal for Its Immune Boosting Power

Goldenseal herb has been around for centuries and was used by Native American Indians and pioneer settlers for many years to cure certain ailments. The plant has yellow roots which, when dried, can make a very strong tea to drink. The root’s yellowish color is so vivid, that the early settlers also used it to dye material, as well for medicines.

Everyone Can Learn Reiki

Have you ever wondered about Reiki? What is it and can you learn it?

What Are Antioxidants? Why Should I Eat Antioxidant-Rich Foods Every Day?

Antioxidants, plentiful in some foods, help protect our bodies from cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Here’s how to get more antioxidant-rich foods into your meals and snacks.

Try A Natural Approach to Menopause

What is happening to me? You feel your heart begin to race. You experience some combination of sweating, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, headache, weakness, or a feeling of suffocation.

The Positive Benefits Associated With Algae Oil

With the help of the different sources it has been found that even algae oil can be used as a source of alternative energy. There are lots of companies who have made a research on this information and found that it is really true and has some depth in the topic.

ADHD: Finding Alternatives to Medication

While I watched from the corner of my eye, the kid inch slowly under the table, my friend brought up a concern for putting her nine year old son being on medication for ADHD. “You were a teacher and you’re into the holistic lifestyle. Do you know of a drug-free alternative for him?”

What Is Homeopathy and How It Can Help You

If you are tired of trying every kind of treatment only to find that they do not work, then homeopathy is likely for you. You will probably find that your condition is taken seriously and not dismissed as imaginary or unimportant. Allergies often stem from underlying causes that need to be recognised before action can be taken to solve the problem. A band aid approach is unlikely to solve mysterious diseases and illnesses for sufferers who struggle to cope with their pain.

The Almighty Gave Us Herbal Plants for Our Best Interests

Herbal Supplements have already been gradually gaining in reputation due to the world wide web and also word of mouth. Many are on the lookout for health improvements and alternatives to commonly recognized forms of health care.

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