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Massage Therapy As A Natural Remedy

Relying on the body to heal itself through gentle manipulation is a centuries-old technique. Our ancestors understood that for the body to be healthy, the mind and the spirit had to follow suit. This focus on total body health continues to this day which is why massage therapy is such a popular treatment.

It’s All About The Veggie! 5 Reason Veggies Should Fill Half Your Plate

I’ve never read a diet or nutrition book that advises limiting vegetables. Be it Atkins to Vegan diets, they all say the veggie is where it’s at. Yet, the most people are either meat and starch people or just about the starches. All that said, the veggie is making a comeback and returning as a staple and for good reason!! Here’s why!

Do You Want To Know What Benefits Green Tea Has For You

Ingesting green tea extract has many health benefits and not merely with the aid of weight-loss there are also several health benefits. Yes green tea herb is extremely good for fat loss and is safe and natural.

Why You Should Add Lemon To Your Water

When you are eating out at a restaurant and you order water (especially in the south) they usually add a lemon slice to your glass. Do you leave the lemon in your water or do you take it out? You should drink your water with that lemon slice in it. Lemons have wonderful health benefits. Plus if you are someone who doesn’t drink enough water due to its bland taste adding a slice of lemon will spruce up the flavor to encourage you to drink more.

Creating and Planning Yoga Vacations

If you want to find a different solution for your planned time away, then looking at Yoga vacations can help you to enjoy even more of a hobby or career. There are a variety of Yoga vacations, teachers and places that allow you to move forward with Yoga training.

Learn Pregnancy and Chiropractic Care

Pregnancy can be one of the most amazing things a woman can experience, as well as one of the most stressful for her body. The burden of bringing a new life into the world can result in a number of aches, pains and discomforts that many consider simply a part of pregnancy.

3 Reasons to Take Your Shoes Off and Begin Earthing Today

Recent breakthroughs have confirmed that walking outdoors in your bare feet gives a host of health benefits. Earthing helps your body to absorb free electrons through the earth’s surface, which have shown to be the most powerful anti-oxidants proven to science. The potential for earthing to cool inflammation reduces the risk of illness, allows for a better night’s sleep, speeds healing times of injuries, and lowers muscle pain. But it also help balance cortisol levels, which helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Why Is IGF One Essential to Improve Muscle Strength?

Plenty of information is available to show that IGF 1 which is prevailing in deer antler velvet can improve muscle strength better than any other growth hormones that are available. Scientists conducting research have proven that people who used supplements of this component regularly managed to build better strength in their muscles than people who depended solely on growth hormones. It would be essential to understand that growth hormones cannot be converted into IGF 1 even after being taken by people.

Some Proven Health Cures And Anti-Aging Cures Have Been Hushed Up – Why?

You may have heard something about this over time, although for obvious reasons main stream media rarely reports about it. As research is ongoing scientifically steps being made towards many cures in health to slow down or reverse aging and to prolong longevity. Practically every month new alternative health breakthroughs are found and of some of these “underground health breakthroughs” being suppressed and most people will never know about them. At the same time there have been many trying and succeeding in breaking away from the old way of thinking because of the mediocrity and dissatisfaction with some other products and services they experienced. Therefore, alternative solutions have been systematically suppressed even banned, and the reason for this is money. These inexpensive natural treatments are threatening the profit of mainstream medicine and the pharmaceutical industry.

A Look at Acai Health Benefits

Acai health benefits have been in the news the last few years and for good reason. It seems this small fruit is full of a number of ingredients that are very useful to keeping the body running smoothly.

Benefits of Drinking Beer

The benefits of drinking beer are becoming well known among beer lovers everywhere. If you have not heard about the many benefits of beer it is time you have. Here are some of the facts that may interest you.

IGF 1 Can Heal Damaged Nerves

Damage to the nerves is a common occurrence among athletes and people who have illnesses such as diabetes. Nerves when damaged tend to lose connectivity with the muscle tissue dramatically. In such conditions, it is common to notice a lack of movement among people who are affected along with wastage of muscle tissue.

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