Joy Organics’ CBD Softgels – Curcumin Formula

Alternative Treatments – Information on Alternative Therapies and Bioavailability

Alternative therapies have emerged out of the public’s dissatisfaction with the limitations of conventional treatments. The conventional medical system has boxed itself into only diagnosing and treating disease rather than focusing on prevention. Although attempts to correct public perception have been made with a push for early diagnosis of disease, conventional medicine is still unable to be of help to healthy people who are just looking for ways to stay healthy.

How to Stay Warm – Common Sense and Natural Cures

Well – it is Wintertime… And the weather outside is frightful. Whether ill or well we can get chilled and this is the time of year to find a solution. We can get the Chills – a sudden attack of feeling very cold. Or we can just be too cold. Symptomatically, this can be shivering, chattering of teeth and paleness. Or just curled up under a blanket with cold fingers, cold toes and a very cold nose.

Ayurveda Training Provides Opportunities for Self Improvement

The simple definition of Ayurveda is that it is a holistic system of medicine that originated from India. It aims to guide us regarding food and lifestyle choices, so that the healthy among us can stay healthy and those with health related problems can restore their health.

Fecal Transplant Therapy for C Diff, Colitis, and More – An Introduction

Fecal transplant. Let face it, the name alone is enough to gross out pretty much anyone. It is, in fact, just what it sounds like: taking feces from a person with healthy intestines and placing it…

What Is Alternative Health Care?

Alternative Health Care is not a modern creation; it has, in reality, been in existence for centuries, in fact many people believe it predates written human history. So what is Alternative Health Care?

Looking For More Intensity With Your Workouts? 3 Beginner’s Tips For Trying CrossFit

Just recently I have had the pleasure of a CrossFit Coach walk into the gym that I own. This gentleman looked an amazing picture of health and energy, after he had a good look around the gym to see if we had some of the equipment that he needed to perform his workout. He informed me he was a CrossFit athlete and Coach.

An Alternative Future Healthcare Solution From Fidel

Some years ago during a time of personal stress, I decided to take a three month sabbatical to Cuba (three months is the maximum allowed with a normal visa). When I arrived, I was searched thoroughly by customs and relieved of several boxes of shop-bought painkillers normally reserved for hangovers.

Nelsons Burns Cream: First Aid Remedy No Family Should Be Without

Wouldn’t it be comforting to have a first aid treatment that could alleviate the pain of burns and scalds and heal the wound, as well? Nelsons Burns Cream can do just that! It is a topically applied herbal remedy that has been traditionally used for the symptomatic cure of minor burns and scalds.

Back Surgery Side Effects

The side effects of back surgery can be outstanding. Pain and discomfort can result from the surgery while the body is trying to heal. Side effects can be a result of the surgery itself, or changes that occurred within the body. Individuals can suffer from back pain for many years to come.

How to Reduce Cholesterol Naturally Using Well Known Herbs

“How to reduce cholesterol naturally” is fast becoming one of the most searched questions. The answer being sought by the ever growing number of people suffering from coronary heart disease, brought on by the ignorance of eating foods filled with trans fats and saturated fat, without enough fresh fruit and vegetables to balance their effect.

How to Naturally Lower Your Cholesterol Levels

Millions of people every year are being told by their doctors that they need to watch their cholesterol, change their diet, and maybe even start on prescription drugs. High cholesterol is scary and can lead to serious medical problems.

How To Get Relief From Arthritis Using Gelatin?

Arthritis is a degenerative disease which causes pain and inflammation in the joints of the body. There are two main kinds of arthritis, namely rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Till today, researchers have not been able to find the precise cause or cure for arthritis. So, when it comes to arthritis pain and inflammation, people have to resort to different treatment methods. The pain that arthritis sufferers experience can disrupt daily living activities. However, there could be hope in the horizon for arthritic patients. In 2000, a company called Cole compiled a research on food therapies that used gelatin for treating arthritis. The research stated that gelatin could be helpful in reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

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