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Three Natural Tools For Treatment of Earaches and Ear Infections

Earaches are not difficult to resolve at home. The most economical tool is garlic. Two cloves of garlic is equal in strength to an adult dose of penicillin.

Home Remedies for Ankylosing Spondylitis – Remedies That Work Effectively

Home remedies for ankylosing spondylitis are almost always for relief from the pain caused by the disease. Science has not found a cure for this chronic condition, though the pain could always be neutralized by medication. But for those who are not comfortable with taking medications for pain, there are certain things around the house which can be used to make the pain from ankylosing spondylitis bearable.

Resolving Urinary Tract Infections

I ate a bunch of sugar over Thanksgiving weekend. Who can resist all the tempting pies and other treats within easy reach over these holidays? I can’t!

Places Where You Can Buy Essential Oils

Have you wondered where you can buy essential oils? Learn about various places where you can buy essential oils. Discover where to get the best essential oils.

The Power of Nature in Curing Ailments

Have you ever watched Discovery channel’s Man vs. Wild? Bear Grylls is the perfect example of a man who has great respect for nature. He listens to nature and uses her to his advantage. Nature has a system, you can listen to her and live or you can ignore her and die.

Learning About Japanese Encephalitis

Japanese encephalitis is a deadly disease found commonly in South Asian countries. Travelers to these countries must take vaccination for Japanese encephalitis.

What Truly Happens in Your Body While You Are Feeling Worried and Stressed?

Life can get busy and hectic especially around this time of the year. Strangely enough this is the time of the year we are all supposed to relax and enjoy our families. And we should, because I will list the events and changes that occur in our bodies when we feel overwhelmed, powerless and worried:

Dealing With Your Thrush Naturally With Home Remedies For Thrush – Zero Cost, Permanent Solutions

Did you know that over fifty percent of women will have to deal with some form of thrush. Whether it be occasional thrush or worse, recurring thrush. One thing is for sure, it is a very aggravating and embarrassing problem that no one wants to live with or even discuss.

Is My Flatulence Excessive and Stinky? Natural Solutions

Whatever the cause of excess gas, it often requires one to try multiple different solutions before hitting upon one that works. Here are a few of the most effective ways to reduce gas. Possible Solutions…

Are You at Risk of a Hip Flexor Injury?

The hip flexor is a muscle group that encompasses many smaller muscles at the front of your body in your hip region. This is the most important muscle for lifting up the leg, which we do for many common activities. It is important to know what happens internally when you get a hip flexor injury.

Is Alternative Medicine a Good Approach to Your Health Problems?

In the last decade it has been noticed that alternative medicine is getting more and more popular all over US and the rest of the world. Have you ever considered consulting an alternative medical practitioner? Let’s see the pro and cons of alternative medicine.

Personal Transformation Through Reiki: Welcome to Reiki

This article addresses a range of fundamental questions concerning Reiki Natural Healing: How does Reiki Help? How does Reiki Heal? Is Reiki difficult to Learn?

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