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New Wine From Old Vine

The flower remedies of Edward Bach are the best known flower essences in the world. Thousands of individuals possess the complete set of 38 remedies. In the set there are some remedies that are used a great deal and some that are used infrequently. Vine is traditionally used the least but now there is a new use of it.

Therapeutic Essential Oil Capsules Are Safe and Effective Home Remedies for Infections

Essential oils capsules are effective home remedies for infections of all types. They are far safer than prescription antibiotics, and they are proven to work about as effectively as penicillin without the side effects of penicillin. They also work on more than just bacteria. They are proven to be excellent antimicrobial remedies against viruses, mold, fungus infections and parasites, as well as bacteria. This article will show you how to fill and use your essential oils capsules.

Exercise To Grow Taller And Dominate Your Peers Like Never Before

In this article I will be explaining how easy it is for most people to easily increase their height or grow taller. I’ll be explaining what we’ve been taught, and what we know to be what really a fact. Fact is most of us don’t stop growing until long after what most doctors would tell us. Learn what helps and what hurts you when it comes to growing taller.

Who You Eat With and How It Affects Your Diet

Do you need to pick between your family or friends and your dietary health goals? No, you can have both in your life. Learn how to mix fun and food so that you can enjoy both and still be healthy.

5 Tips to Build Up Your Immunity Naturally

The strength of your immune system is directly related to your diet. While colds and flus are caused by viruses, not cold weather, research has shown that people who are chilled are more susceptible.

Where Do I Eat, and Does it Affect Digestion?

Where you eat your food affects your digestion and your energy. Paying attention to your meal environment will help reduce and prevent certain symptoms of unbalanced digestion and low energy.

Why Do I Eat What I Eat?

There are different reason for eating, some are physical and some are more mental-emotional. Learn to tell the difference by reading the clues that your body sends you.

What to Eat for More Energy

Make your food work for you. Find out what foods to eat for sustained energy throughout the day, and avoid “food fatigue.”

When to Eat for More Energy

What are the best times to eat your meals for increased energy? By listening to the cues your body sends you, you can eat to support blood sugar and energy throughout the day.

Why Do I Feel Tired After Eating?

Learn about why you may feel tired after you eat, how stress can be involved, and what you can do to feel more energized after meals instead. Feeling tired is never fun, and you don’t have to feel tired after you eat food if you support your body the right way.

What Can Flower Remedies Treat?

Each individual flower has a therapeutic quality that can be transferred into a flower remedy / essence. Since there are tens of thousands of different flowers, flowers can be used to treat a very wide variety of conditions.

Healing the 7 Major Chakras and Why

My dream is to see a world where every being is aware, and knows the value of a healthy energetic body, and daily chakra exercises become the norm. These metaphysical chakras help to regulate the physical organs and glands; therefore keeping you healthier physically.

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