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Sports Injuries and Microscopic Scarring of Collagen-Based Connective Tissues

As the name implies, “Sports Injuries” are injuries that occur while playing sports. Although many sports injuries involve things cannot be helped with I.I.R.E.C-B.C.T. Tissue Remodeling Treatment (broken bones, torn cartilages, etc), there are lots of sports injuries that can almost certainly be helped —- particularly injuries to the elastic, collagen-based connective tissues (muscles, ligaments, fascia, and tendons).

The Role of Herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine

There is a lot to learn about traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM, if you want to start using it to supplement your healthcare. One of the more basic things that must be understood is the role of natural herbs. The Chinese people have always drawn on the natural environment to heal and strengthen the human body, so it makes sense that a lot of herbs from the region have been used for centuries.

The Elements of Traditional Chinese Therapy

Most people have heard references to the elements of the Earth at some point in their life. Most just don’t know that traditional Chinese medicine is the root of those references! The elements of the world play a central role in how patients have been treated in the Chinese medical world.

Home Remedies for Pleurisy That Work Effectively

Pleurisy can be treated efficiently using some well recommended home remedies. Read this article to know effective home remedies for pleurisy.

Don’t Listen to Those Who Tell You Everything Is Your Fault: If You Are Blamed, Walk Away!

Manifesting tends to talk about bringing positive changes into your life. However, some people, professional counselors included, sometimes teach their clients that whatever they think about–including negative events–can occur if the person thinks about the event occurring. Read how one counselor pushed a client to the brink of suicide with these teachings, and what to do when you have such a counselor teaching you.

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Becoming Mainstream?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has always been considered an alternative medical treatment option. The theories and fundamental beliefs of TCM are very different from what is believed and used in modern Western medicine. That has placed it on the fringes of the medical world with many believing it could even be dangerous.

5 Problems Traditional Chinese Medicine Can Clear Up

When you are first looking into traditional Chinese medicine, it can be a bit intimidating. You find references to strange herbs and substances that you have never heard of, including rare birds nests that are found only on high cliffs in China. You start to second guess whether you can actually make use of this type of medicine or not.

Wild Lingzhi – Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment to Restore Energy and Health

There are a lot of traditional Chinese medical treatments that can be used for specific symptoms or deficiencies in particular areas of the body, but there are also some supplements that work to restore the body as a whole. It comes down to restoring the natural balance of energy to the body so you have energy and your system can naturally restore itself to full health.

My Honest Review on the Leaky Gut Cure eBook

Leaky gut is a term used by some professional to identify a common health problem which makes the intestinal lining to become more permeable than a normal healthy one. Large spaces develop between the cells which in turn lead to toxic wastes mixing in the blood stream without any barrier or filtration mechanism.

Daily Activities (Dinacharya) in Ayurveda

Rising: Rise in accordance with the seasons. This is traditionally at a time known as brahma muhurta, between 3 and 7 am as it is regarded as a time when we can most easily access our consciousness. As it is a vata predominant time kapha problems such as lethargy, mucus, bowel congestion, sluggish liver, muzzy headedness can be overcome. Sleeping into kapha time aggravates kapha and causes the above symptoms. People who are ill, pregnant, breast-feeding, elderly and children do not need to rise during brahma muhurta.

Expand Your Career With Online Doctor of Naturopathy Degree

Enjoy the benefit of nature and natural health therapies by opting for online health degree courses. Make a smart choice of right course that suits your interest and proficiency well and begin your life to a rewarding career. Read more to know how online degree courses can help you.

Alternative Health Options At Home – Treating Migraines With Alternative Treatments!

If it seems that even traditional medication is not working to ease the pain of a migraine that you might have then you might want to consider alternative medicine or treatments to try and get yourself some relief. There is actually some medical research that does support the use of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments as good ways in which to fight your migraine headache. There are also nutritional items and herbs that may also be of help.

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