How to Judge Cannabis as a Connoisseur: Casey O’Neill / Green Flower

The Two Traditions of Medicine

Rationalism and Vitalism are the yin/yang in the world of health. In this short article we review the basic principles and practices of Rationalism and Vitalism.

Subconscious Mind Deprogramming, Among the Best Stress Relief Remedies

Stress has turned into a serious concern, as more and more people are facing this problem every single day. Up until recently, no one was completely aware of all the repercussions stress can have upon the health of individuals. Apparently, specialists seem to be quick to inform those who want to listen about what can happen if you continue to allow stress in your life. Stress can be the real cause behind various afflictions such as diabetes or heart failure.

Are Healing Herbs Trustworthy?

Many people are turning to healing herbs instead of pharmaceutical drugs. But are the trustworthy?

Reiki Self Healing 101

Do you want to practice ancient Japanese reiki healing on yourself in the comfort of your own home? Find out how easy you can do it here.

Essential Oils: Their Biblical Beginnings And Uses Today

If you want to improve your health perhaps essential oils is your answer. Learning about their history is most interesting, however, learning about the various varieties of essential oils and their application is imperative.

A Fresh Approach On How To Increase Energy With Essential Oils

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils will help your body to stay healthy so you can do activities that will take your body to another level of fitness. The 3 oils we will discuss are well known for their health benefits.

Holistic Approach to Lyme Disease

This article provides specific techniques to reverse lyme disease. It focuses on how to boost the immune system, energy level and vibrations to reverse lyme disease It provides a guide to the foods and supplements to take to reverse lyme disease. It also discusses ways to reduce stress and negativity. The holistic approach in this article describes how to boost the immune system, energy level and vibrations to kill the bacteria that trigger lyme disease. This article also describes how to detoxify the body to boost the immune system.

Differences and Comparisons Between Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and Pharmaceuticals

There are different grades of essential oils and you need to be aware of the differences and the effects that these adulterated oils can have on the body. Therapeutic grade essential oils can be used as an alternative to prescription drugs and they don’t have the negative side effects like prescription drugs have. They work to support a healthy balanced body and immune system naturally.

Health Benefits of the Amazing Blackberry

Blackberries are low in calories & fat. This makes them great for losing weight and much more. Read below for more health benefits of this amazing little black berry.

Assessing Dysfunctions Caused By Tongue Ties: Osteopathic Considerations

A lingual frenulum that inhibits the tongue (tongue tie) is a major contributor to pain, stiffness, and bad posture. Although little is know about this, Daniel Lopez, D.O. of Osteopathy New York, P.C. describes and demonstrates areas for specialists to evaluate that are affected by the tongue tie. A frenectomy, in the right settings, can provide very powerful pain relief unlike anything else.

Introduction to Body Detoxification

Detoxification is one of the more widely used treatments and concepts in alternative medicine. The purpose is to eliminate toxins from body. According to this therapy, toxins get accumulated in the body because of the pollutants present in the environment and excessively processed foods.

Osteopathy: Healing Touch or Quackery?

“Osteopaths are quacks!” We’ve all heard that said by non-believers in osteopathy. Why? The biggest reason is a lack of understanding of what osteopaths do and do not do. Osteopathic physicians have a level of training equivalent of medical doctors. But many people unfamiliar with the work of doctors of osteopathy are skeptical of their qualifications and their competency.

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