How to Develop a Wholesale CBD Business

Homeopathy – Harmless Alternative Medicine

Homeopathy drugs are pretty harmless. The most exciting part of homeopathy is it is regulated by the FDA of the USA, contrasting to other natural and alternative medicines. It acts more effective on the health issues that have been ignored by the allopathic medicine.

Specialty Crystal Singing Bowls for Specific Intentions

There are over 40 alchemy bowls to choose from and deciding which one to select can be a little overwhelming. The selection should be based on your intentions and lately, the intentions of many people seem to be in line with the qualities of the Laughing Buddha and Azezulite crystal singing bowls.

Alternative Pain Management Options

Drugs are chemicals or substance that change the way your body works. When you intake drugs in your body, it will penetrate in your bloodstream and will transport to other parts of the body such as your brain. When drugs enter your brain, it may either intensify or dull your senses. It is true that drug can help you or harm you. Its effects depends on the kind of drug your taking, how much you are taking, how often it is used, how quick it gets to the brain and what other drugs, food, or substances are taken at the same time. This just shows that drugs can give side effects to you.

Homeopathics and Gemstone Formulas: A Comparison of Energy Medicine Remedies

Homeopathic remedies and gem formulas are both energy medicine natural remedies. They look the same, as each is comprised of tiny edible white spheres, or pillules. They both work energetically to help the body heal conditions for which mainstream medicine has found no cure. And they both can access a person’s physical, emotional, and mental aspects to promote greater health and harmony. The differences between these two types of remedies include what they are made of, how they are made, and the theory behind how they work.

Sarapin – A Natural Solution for Acute and Chronic Pain Without Dangerous Side Effects

Cortisone shots are often familiar when treatment for acute or chronic pain is needed. If used properly, they can help relieve pain and inflammation. However, they may also cause side effects, which is why a patient can only receive limited injections because of its potential side effects. Still, there is another solution that is safer to use because it is made of a natural ingredient. This solution is called Sarapin, an alternative solution in providing acute and chronic pain relief. There is more advantage in using this alternative solution because it is often similar to cortisone, but without dangerous side effects.

Avocado Fruit: Natural Cure for Health Ailments

The avocado or butter fruit is a fleshy pear- shaped fruit with one large seed which is surrounded by the buttery pulp. It is generally found in maroon or purple colour. This fruit was introduced in Mauritius in 1780.

A Natural Treatment For Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Many digestive problems are the result of inflammation. One example is Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) which affects 10-20% of the population. IBS is not a life-threatening illness, but the symptoms can force the sufferer into a change of life style.

Healthy Food: Class With Rebecca Wood

Rebecca Wood is a pioneer of the natural foods movement. I recently had the good fortune to meet her, and take a cooking/health class with her. She prepared a delicious meal, and this what I learned.

How Alternative Medicine Can Help Relieve the Pain of Bone Cancer

When a person has bone cancer, the pain that they are experiencing is not the cancer itself but it is from the treatment that they must endure in order to try and fight the invasion of cancer in their bones. Although many doctors will prescribe a variety of different kinds of pain killers for this pain, a patient may also want to try other ways to relieve or reduce the pain that is caused from the harsh medical treatments they receive on a regular basis.

A Review of Carpal Tunnel Secrets Unleashed by Geoffrey Hunt

Medical home remedies treat carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms way better than some other carpal tunnel syndrome treatment module in the mainstream medicine does. Medically speaking, the condition at best may be defined as idiopathic median neuropathy at the carpal tunnel, which is an anatomical tunnel located at the root of the wrist. It means that its precise pathophysiology in its dynamic functioning will not be at least at the moment fully cognizable although hypothetically there must be some form of compression on the location of the median nerve which then is likely to be getting extended by means of…

Understanding Ayurvedic Oils – Types and Effects Part 2

Furthering our endeavor to understand ayurvedic oils, we will next be exploring the yonibedha classification of oils, or classification according to their origin. Each type of fat or oil has distinct qualities and consequently each has distinct therapeutic utilities.

Aloe Vera – A Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

Another in my series of articles about the medicinal use of aloe vera to treat various illnesses and conditions. This article look the successful treatment of the skin disorder psoriasis.

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