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Is Your Body a Toxic Waste Dump?

No matter how hard you try not to, just existing on planet earth, you are taking in toxins. Research shows that a frightening amount of health problems are related to, or caused by, stored toxins. Even if you think you are as clean inside as you are out, chemicals you may have ingested or breathed or were inadvertently exposed to even decades ago are still being hoarded in your organs, fat cells and brain tissue and are wreaking havoc to your health. How does one get rid of these guests who have seriously worn out their welcome?

An Overview of Negative Ions

People suffering from seasonal affective disorders can find relief in negative ion therapy, which has antimicrobial effects. However, it gives off an ozone odor, and it has limited emissions. Most people consider negative air ionization therapy effective in giving relief from different symptoms, and improving health as a whole.

Shamanic or Reiki Healing

There are similarities between shamanic and Reiki healing techniques. Because shamanic healing is older doesn’t mean it is of more value than Reiki healing. The bottom line, the patient makes the final decision.

Reduce Inflammation and Joint Pain With Natural Anti Inflammatory Food

We know it does work; you can start the body’s healing process by targeting an effected area with essential nutrients. As I have written several articles about health in general, I can confirm about my own issues concerning arthritis and joint pain that effected several parts of my body, which I have cured myself and for some years now have been pain-free.

10 Surprising Benefits of Turmeric

This article states about 10 wonderful benefits of turmeric, which is now considered as one of the most useful spices found in the world. Turmeric contains some highly beneficial components and nutrients. Hence, people who consume turmeric on a regular basis can be saved from many physical problems and dreadful diseases.

Don’t Forget About Dementia

If you read the news, how can you not be concerned about the steadily rising numbers of dementia and Alzheimer’s cases with earlier-than-ever onset? By fusing Western and Eastern medicine as well as utilizing alternative, cutting edge, evidence-based devices shown to cure a myriad of health issues, there have been dramatic results with neuro-degenerative diseases.

Glove Use Within Pot Shops

There is no secret that cannabis is becoming very common with the legislation of the plant for leisure use within Colorado. Marijuana shops are appearing all around the front range, and over the west coast. How how can you tell that the dispensary workers are remaining safe and keeping product sanitary? One solution might be to research glove use.

Jump! Jump! Two Great Tips to Start Your Day

Two great choices in the morning with lasting benefits. Starting the day with warm lemon water and rebounding on a mini-trampoline for a laundry list of health benefits.

How to Stay Healthy With Natural Health Options

No aisle is more popular at the grocery store than the pharmacy aisle because that is where you head first when you get sick. It is common for people to look to over the counter medications to cure all of their illnesses. What if you could choose something different?

The Benefits Of Using Ozone Treatment For Your Air

Air disinfection can be done through a number of ways, including the use of ultraviolet radiation that kills viruses and bacteria. However the lamp’s penetration capacity can be limited. Chemical disinfectants can also be used for sanitization through spraying and vaporizing but they can be hard to decompose and therefore end up leaving toxic residues that can be hazardous to health. Ozone treatment is probably the best and most effective disinfecting method because it is a powerful oxidizer that kills microorganisms before then converting it into oxygen within a very short period of time hence the reason why it is considered an environment friendly disinfectant.

Ozone Treatment – How It Works

There are different technologies of air disinfection but ozone treatment tends to stand out from the rest probably because of how effective the method is in dealing with all sorts of odors in any given area. Ozone is naturally a colorless gas with a pungent odor and generated when atmospheric oxygen rises to stratosphere and gets exposed to ultraviolet rays of the sun. The natural creation of ozone is what gives spring rain that clean and fresh smell experienced after a storm.

How Chiropractic Care Benefit One’s Health

With the help of manual spinal manipulation, this type of treatment becomes a holistic therapy. It gives emphasis on maintaining a healthy nervous and musculoskeletal system to promote wellness.

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