EIHA16, Hempflax celebrates its 25th anniversary and investors boosting the industry

A Foot Drop Apparatus – Assessment and Assistance With This Walking Problem

If you wanted to learn more about AFOs (ankle foot orthoses) then this free health information can help you. These braces are often times called leg braces, foot drop braces etc. This free article will discuss the use of these braces for people that have walking problems currently.

Foot Drop Alternative Medicine – Assistive Devices For Walking Better

If you want to learn about alternatives treatment options for foot drop, then this article will help you. This is health information that can help you walk better again.

So You Are Sick With Crohn’s Disease Or Colitis, What’s Your Excuse?

The real problem may not be the disease Crohn’s or Colitis itself, but how you are responding to it. Many sufferers have chosen to allow the disease to rule their lives not vice-versa.

Helatio Therapy

Helatio therapy is one of the most interesting therapies existing in the history and practice of human medicine. Should its methodology be known and applied worldwide, millions of lives would be saved annually. The Helatio method has amazing effects especially upon patients with cerebrovascular accidents, patients with cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, persons with poor peripheral circulation, persons suffering from memory loss and in disorders caused by smoking, alcohol, etc

Learn More About Moroccan Argan Oil

Argan oil is a type of oil that is extracted from Argan trees. These trees are commonly found throughout Morocco. For many years Moroccans have known the health benefits of these Argan trees.

Alternative Medicine Gaining in Popularity

Alternative medicine defines all natural therapies, herbal cures and unconventional treatments that aren’t recognized as medical practices but proved to be efficient in healing various medical conditions. Besides reestablishing the physical condition of the patient, complementary and alternative medicine practices also focus on the sufferer’s psychical equilibrium.

Detox the Liver With Qi Gong Massage and Meditation

The liver can create imbalances such as high blood pressure, ligament, tendon and joint pain, eye issues, and challenges with moods (anger, frustration). Learn how you can perform a simple meditation and self massage to help regulate the energy of the liver and build better health.

What Are The Symptoms Of A Nail Infection?

In terms of having a nail infection, this is the first thing I ask myself. Why don’t you look at your nails now and notice if there are changes in the shade or texture.

The Purpose Of Religion: Link Between Faith, Health and Wellness

Health and religion have been related to each other for over two millennia, and they are still tightly bound to each other. However, it is science that advanced further and made the two aspects of life go on separate ways and we lost the true purpose of our religion that promoted faith and health in us.

Sweat Less

Thousands and thousands of people suffer from excessive sweating – the correct scientific term is called hyperhidrosis. It is an embarrassing and frustrating disorder that can cause sufferers to feel very conscious of their problem. Non-sufferers may think that it is because they do not wash enough or take good care of personal hygiene, but suffers usually take more care than the average person.

Do You Want to Be Taller?

It is a basic human instinct to want to be taller. Many people feel that if they were taller they would be more attractive, feel more confident, look thinner and have more respect. Being short is a big problem and it can make you have a very low self esteem – feeling that your life is highly affected by your height.

Use Intention to Build Vibrant Health

My Qigong teacher once told me that in order for someone to recover fully from an illness or a chronic condition they needed to created a “burning desire” to get better. It is this strong desire or intention that is truly the driving force behind Qigong or any form of self-healing. I cannot stress strongly enough how important this concept is towards the ability of an individual to see positive results from practicing an internal art.

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