EIHA16, hemp, so what about the regulatory framework?

Medical Benefits of Agnus Castus

Vitex agnus-castus, commonly known as the Chaste Berry or Monk’s Pepper, is a native of the Mediterranean region. It is also be found in multiple tropical and sub-tropical regions. The plant bears blue flowers that have a strong aroma. The seeds of the plant have a pepper like quality and can be used as a mild spice. The true benefit of the plant lies in the herbal medicine that is derived from it. It can be used to cure or alleviate a wide range of gynecological problems. It can also help alleviate health disorders associated with age.

How to Help to Make Your Home Healthy

When you’re in your own house, you get to control the quality of the air you inhale. Or does one actually? Unhappily, you will discover all sorts of contaminates that can creep up in your house and boost the probability of your catching asthma or respiratory issues.

Healing Through Schuessler Tissue Salts

Although scientifically unverifiable, Schuessler tissue salts are widely used to help cure diseases or imbalances in the human body. Schuessler salts have been divided into 12 main types, and 15 minor types, each with specific properties.

Best Alternative Medicine Options For Foot Drop – Why It Happens – What To Do

If you want to learn more about foot drop then this article was written for you. This free health information will discuss the top alternative treatment options for foot drop.

What Type of Fungus Do You Have?

There is more than one type of nail fungus infection? Also called Onychomycosis, fungal infection of the nail is a very common occurrence and seems to be increasing. Nonetheless, most of us only know the types of nail fungus infection when we suffer from it.

How You Can Afford to Eat Non-Chemical Residue Foods

America’s new trend is to eat ‘Organic’. But how can consumers really tell if what they are buying at the new organic section is local grown produce? One of the best ways to live a healthy lifestyle is to know where your food comes from. You can go to the local Farmers Markets or grow your own organic garden. And if those are not feasible, try the inexpensive Food Cleansing Bath to cut down on the chemical residue.

Looking for Candida Albicans Cures

When you have an overgrowth of yeast your first thought is going to be how fast you can get rid of it. There are several different Candida Albicans cures that you can go with. The question that you are going to need to ask yourself is have you caught it in the nick of time or is it so bad that you need to pay a visit to the doctor. Of course it is not going to matter to you at the time your only concern is going to be getting rid of the itch and the burn. So, you have the options of seeking medical treatment or taking care of the situation on your own at home.

What Is Bee Pollen Supplement?

As many of us know, bee pollen is one of nature’s “superfoods”: rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, bee pollen contains many essential ingredients that are necessary to sustain life. People who are knowledgeable about health foods and healthy diets speak often about bee pollen: but what, exactly, is it?

7 Daily Think Positive Health Tips

A few years ago, the UK Government ran a health campaign called Small Change, Big Difference based on Cambridge University research showing that small improvements in behaviour – such as eating an extra piece of fruit a day, or taking the stairs rather than the lift – can result in years of extra life expectancy. This fits well with the ‘think positive’ approach in that small changes, made consistently and maintained over a period of time can lead to a fantastically improved quality of life.

How To Find Your Cold Sore Cure

If you need a genuine cold sore cure, scan this very interesting report. It quickly explains methods we have found thus far, and some surprising, and safe, tips for curing cold sores for life.

Foot Drop Atrophy – Anterior Tibialis Involvement – Walking Better Is In Your Future

If you want to learn more about drop foot due to atrophy then this article is written for you. This free information can help people that have anterior tibialis atrophy and need help to walk better again.

Foot Drop After Back Surgery – Helping With Walking Better

If you want to learn more about foot drop after back surgery then this article was written for you. This is free health information that defines foot drop and gives you treatment options to consider, if you want to walk better.

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