Dr. Jeffery Dormu Talks Marijuana & Erectile Dysfunction With The Fam

Discovered: The Cures for Many Diseases!

Dr. Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D., was a remarkable scientist who invented a much more accurate method for analyzing substances and determining their composition than anything currently in use by the scientific community today. Using this information, she was able to analyze individuals with diseases and determine the causes of those diseases. Then by removing the causes and doing a number of other things such as reinvigorating the immune system and the particular organ affected, she discovered that the diseases could be cured.

Chronic Disease

Chronic Disease is a slow progressive disease with a long duration that comes in a variety of forms such as: Heart Disease, Stroke, Cancer, Respiratory Disease, Obesity, and Diabetes. Chronic Disease is the No. 1 Killer of Humans worldwide annually. It affects millions of people worldwide. Research and technology exists to end the disease, but humans lack the resources and the will to make healthy lifestyles choices. You could say that Chronic Disease is a mental and emotional disease with physical consequences.

What Are the Common Crutch Accessories?

Although crutches can be of immense help to aid mobility during a leg injury, it takes time and patience to get accustomed to wearing them. Even the most mundane tasks such as walking or getting on a bus seem difficult. And to add to their woes, crutch wearers have to also manage the soreness and pain that occurs as a result of prolonged usage.

10 Health Benefits Of Peppermint Oil Uses

Peppermint oil uses are very widely varied as the oil is versatile non-toxic non-irritating oil from medicinal to pesticide. Listed here are just 10 of those widely varied health benefits from the use of peppermint oil from head to toe.

Simple Gout Relief Home Remedies You Can Try At Home

Gout relief home remedies can be really helpful for those who suffer gout. A lot of older people suffer from the complications brought by gout. Good thing, there are home remedies to help ease the pain and eventually treat the condition.

Do Most Of The Chiropractors Charge Reasonably?

There has been a great deal of disagreement about the effectiveness of chiropractic treatment in pain management. There are those who are skeptical about the treatment technique and its ability to relive pain.

Lethargy: What You Need To Know

Lethargy is a condition wherein you get a mild impairment on your consciousness which results in reduced awareness. This condition has many causes but generally it results in some kind of brain dysfunction. This can be both crucial and dangerous at the same time.

How to Stop Facial Tics

How to stop facial tics is something that you wouldn’t be able to pull off, if you don’t what the nature of tic is in the first place. Sometimes you may wonder why you suddenly feel a weird spasm and tingling feeling on your eyelids and around the lip area. It could be in a form of repetitive eye blinking, wrinkling of the nose and twitches.

Is Aloe Vera Good for Sunburn?

Many people enjoy the soothing properties of Aloe Vera. But is is good for a sunburn? You decide…

Soothing Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm has long been used by the Native American as an herbal remedy for irritated or inflamed skin or tissue. Taken from the inner bark of a species of elm tree (Ulmus Rubra) that is found native throughout Eastern North America, slippery elm contains a high percentage of mucilage, a gel like substance that can serve as a protective coating for both skin and tissue. While few modern studies have been done on Slippery Elm, it has a very, very long history as a folk medicine and preliminary medical studies have found it to be potentially useful in a number of different areas.

Chaga Mushroom Tea

Chaga mushrooms are irregularly shaped mushrooms that can be found growing along trunks of birch trees in Northern Europe. While virtually unheard of in the West, this strange looking mushroom found amongst the bark of Birch trees has long been considered a potent health elixir for the people of Northern Europe, Russia and Siberia. Tea made from the Chaga Mushroom is believed to help strengthen the immune system and recently it has shown potential in the treatment of certain types of cancer.

Shilajit – The Miracle of the Himalayas

The resin like substance known as Shilajit has long been used in Ayurvedic medicine as an all important component in the preparation of many different remedies. Also called asphaltum, mineral pitch and girijj, Shilajit is actually decomposed plant matter that has been undergone centuries of intense pressure in the mountains before it slowly oozes out during the summer heat. The resin is soft and slimy and pale to blackish brown in color. It has a heavy consistency and in soluble in water. It can be found in the Himalayan regions of Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan, where it is harvested, purified and then used for a wide range of health concerns.

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