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Natural Ingredients To Look For When Choosing Healing Products

Natural ingredients that help with nausea, muscle soreness, joint stiffness, burns and rashes. Product recommendations to send to someone who has just had surgery or going through cancer treatments.

Wellness Center: The Benefits of Visiting a Well Center

As advances in medicine have come about, we have been provided with more choices for treatment. One of the more popular, especially in recent years, has been natural medical care (also known commonly as alternative medicine), which provides patients with medical care and attention through herbal and other means. Depending on your ailments, you may find several benefits in alternative medicine, which is practiced commonly at natural wellness centers around the country.

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Sesame

Sesame is an oil crop which is widely grown in India and China. Sesame is a common ingredient in almost all cuisines around the world. With a rich nutty flavor, it has gained an important place on kitchen shelves.

Ozone Therapy Medical Miracle

Have you heard of Ozone therapy and wondered what it is all about? Many people think that it has to do with what we all know as the ozone layer surrounding the earth but that is a completely different type of ozone as it is chock full of other gases as well. Toxic to humans as it contains some gases that will harm us.

Can Bellabaci Massage Therapy Be Used for Natural Fibromyalgia Relief?

If you suffer from fibromyalgia you may be willing to do just about anything to alleviate some of the common symptoms such as chronic muscle pain, muscle spasms and muscle tightness. There are medications available to help provide some relief but as with any medication, they come along with unwanted side effects.

The Major Advantages Of Alternative Medicine

There are major advantages to using alternative medicines other than an alternate way of taking medications. They are highly effective for fatigue, pain, and stress and other types of ailments. There are many illnesses herbal remedies can take care of if you know which ones to take. They are not drugs; they are a food for the body.

General Well-Being With Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Seeing that we all have but one host to travel through life with, our bodies should be our most valued companion. Unfortunately, many people only become hyper-aware of their bodies when something goes wrong.

Distant Healing Is An Effective Alternative Therapy

This article gives an in-depth explanation why reiki distance healing works. It starts with the physics of energy healing and ends with how distance healing heals the body for nearly any problem on the energetic level.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack With Lifestyle, Exercise, Diet, and Herbs

It is summertime! Let’s play! But wait, nobody wants to have a heart attack while sliding into 3rd base. You may already be going down the mental checklist of heart attack prevention. OK”, you may say, “I should be good to go!” These preventative items have all been written about in the popular press. Still, something deep inside bothers us when we hear that – despite all the prevention – cardiovascular disease is once again named as the number one killer of people like us in the U.S. There must be more to this. As an alternative health activist I can tell you that yes there is more to this! Read on and we will bring to light some very effective ways of preventing heart attack.

Natural Remedies For Sinus Relief

Sinus problems are quite common and most people are desperate to try anything to get some relief. Whether it is the common cold, an allergic reaction, or just about any other nasal congestion, it is very annoying, painful, and can reduce the quality of life. There are quite a few remedies available, but most of them give only temporary relief, and cause some nasty side effects as well. Here are some natural remedies that are effective and safe as well.

Three Great Herbs For Health

Various methods are used to extract the goodness from herbs that can enhance our health and well-being in surprising ways. Learning to utilize and trust this ancient promise of health and balance from the Earth is an empowering endeavor well worth pursuing.

How to Help Diabetic Foot Ulcers Heal

Diabetes is one common condition these days. One of its complications is the reduction in the rate by which wounds will heal. And since the feet are the body parts which might usually be wounded, diabetic foot ulcers have been a problem for a lot of diabetic patients.

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