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Hold on a Second What About My Health?

In today’s bustling world of high speed rail, light-speed communication and round the clock world-wide trading there is little time for dabbling with anything ineffective. When our world is progressing at an exponential rate it is no wonder that we don’t want to waste time with something that hasn’t been proven, and less surprising that our measure of truth is efficacy. This is the world which modern allopathic medicine aims to serve.

Mimosa Hostilis Details

Also known as jurema, vinho jurema, jurema preta or black jurema in Brazil, Mimosa Hostilis is a completely natural dye that is created entirely without chemicals compared to traditional dyes used in the commercial setting that are created purely with synthetics, and since it is 100 percent biodegradable it is one of the safest types of dyes for use in clothing because you can wash it anywhere, even in the river while camping, making it one of the only natural choices for tie dye when looking at the modern market that is filled with chemical counterparts. The bark can be used to create a wide variety of pigments based on your needs, mostly with dark, natural colors as provided by the mimosa hostilis plant’s natural colors; brown, deep purple and pink with dark reds mixed in.

How Tai Chi Heals

Ask a typical American, about Tai Chi and chances are they’ll tell you that Tai Chi is good for you. “It’s like Yoga, isn’t it?” Though most people are aware that Tai Chi has health benefits, few know much about exactly how the art is good for you. This article will fill you in.

Veterans Living With Post Traumatic Stress

Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is an agonizing pain that wears away at you, dulls your senses, and changes your reality. Constant dull pain has a detrimental effect on your daily life, relationships, your job, and family. You do not realize the toll it takes on your physical, mental, and emotional health until a family member or friend tells you.

Natural Health – 4 Practical Alternative Health Care Medicine Ideas

Natural Health is alternative health care medicine for our bodies, our planet, and our relationships. The term “natural health” seems to be thrown around with abandon at everything, describing a mixture of philosophies, products, ideas, and opinions. It can be as varied as “taking walks in fresh unpolluted air, to eating organic foods, and countless other definitions in between. A slippery eel that slithers out between our grasping fingers, the concept of natural health does not give us anything firm to hold on to, no framework that is useful for guiding life choices. 4 Natural Health Practices give us a clear definition and a framework for making choices that affect our health.

Helping Infertility With Chinese Herbal Medicines

Herbal medicines can offer a more gentle aid to fertility problems than other help you may seek. Chinese herbal physicians have developed medicines which throughout history have helped women improve their chances of reproducing. They do this by harmonising the endocrine system which regulates the menstrual cycle.

What The Hell Is Qigong?

I’m frequently asked by people to explain what Qigong/Chi Kung is. Even though it’s been around for over 5000 years in one shape or form, it’s still virtually unheard of here in the West. Problem is, those who think they know what it is are usually mistaken.

Qigong Exercises – An Introduction

What are Qigong Exercises? They are the visible, external aspect you can see when someone is practicing Qigong (also written as Chi Kung). Qigong is the Chinese art of managing your body’s vital energy.

How Gratitude Can Complement Qigong Exercises

This article is not specifically about Chi Kung / Qigong exercises, but I believe gratitude is a useful tool to aide us with what we are trying to do by practicing Qigong – improve our lives and the world around us. I’m no stranger to the notion of the practice of ‘an attitude of gratitude’ but it’s one of those tools that’s been left in my tool box for so long, that I’d completely forgotten I had it. I now take just 5 minutes at the very start of each morning to list as many ‘things’ that I…

What Is Electro Acupuncture and How Can It Help You?

Most people of course have heard of acupuncture and may have had it done before. Acupuncture of course is the ancient Chinese technique of applying special needles to certain restoring points on the body to help relieve pain and even some ailments. These restoring points area also considered the flow of the body. Even though it is painless there are a lot of people who just can’t stand the idea of someone putting a bunch of needles in their body and that is where electro acupuncture comes into play as an alternative to the ancient acupuncture.

Aloe Is Easy

Aloe Vera plants are one of the most popular ornamental plants in the country today. Whether you go to a super market, a home improvement store or a flower shop, chances are that you are going to run into little stands with a few potted aloe plants on it. There are two overall reasons for Aloe’s popularity as an indoor plant. The first reason is because Aloe Vera is an attractive plant that requires minimal amounts of attention. The second and most important reason is that Aloe is a popular home based folk medicine that people have been using for centuries for skin and digestive disorders.

Common Pollutants to Avoid for Optimal Health

Pollutants are invariably linked to disease. They create the acidic, toxic environment in the body that bacteria thrive in. So, if we are serious about maintaining optimum health, then we have to be aware of the pollutants we are exposed to, and ensure that we avoid them.

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