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Healthy Lifestyle Changes – 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Improving Your Health

Are you on a path to constantly improving your overall health and really taking good care of yourself? Or are you going in the complete wrong direction of what you really want? Many people WANT to change bad habits and improve their health, but find it’s a struggle every day and never get started or complete anything. I know how frustrating this can be, because I have been there myself. Until I finally was able to make real changes and stick to them!

Little Chiropractic Documentation Mistakes That Cause Big Problems (Part 1)

This article for chiropractors focuses on tips to improve your chiropractic documentation for better chiropractic compliance and avoiding audit trouble. The strategies are focus on easily fixable “small” things that often lead to big trouble if they are done incorrectly.

Simple Chiropractic Documentation Errors to Avoid

This article discusses simple tips for better chiropractic documentation. The focus is on making sure “little” things are not neglected so that big problems and chiropractic audits can be avoided.

Why Consider Homeopathy for Infertility Issues

Infertility affects up to 15% of couples trying to conceive and have a baby. There are many treatments that are propagated as cures for infertility in both men and women.Although these measures are tested and widely recommended, each of them comes with side effects that are undesirable. Homeopathy, a truly holistic treatment, takes into account the symptoms along with the unique physical, mental and genetic make-up that individualizes a person. Homeopathy cures infertility effectively and efficiently and increases the chances of conception without any harmful and/or painful side effects.

Which Range of Flower Essences Should I Use?

Many people feel quite overwhelmed when they realise just how many flower essence ranges are available today. How do I choose which range to use is a question I am often asked. In this article Sara discusses the strengths of the Bach Flower Essence Range.

Ayurveda Summer Diet and Exercise

When Pitta dominates because of wrong diet and lifestyle, heat-related ailments occur like excessive body heat, heartburn, hyperacidity, diarrhea, skin rashes, acne, stomach ulcers, and early graying of hair. Negative emotions also surface such as anger, frustrations, irritability, jealousy, judgment and criticism. Thus, special care is needed to remain cool, calm and maintain the balance.

How to Ensure Chiropractic Compliance With Medicare ABN’s

How chiropractors can avoid common mistakes and compliance problems when using the Medicare ABN. In this article, we cover both mandatory and voluntary uses of the ABN for patients.

Cultures of The Past That Were Aware of The Health Benefits of The Aloe Vera Plant

The aloe vera plant contains many ingredients that are beneficial for human health. Many cultures that existed in the past were well aware of this. They used the plant for healing wounds inflicted in battle and revitalizing the skin. The plant was even considered as valuable as some of the most expensive spices by many of these cultures. Today more and more people are becoming aware of the aloe vera plants value. The cosmetics industry uses the ingredients of the aloe vera plant in many of its products.

Finding the Best Chiropractic Education

People are drawn to the chiropractic profession for many reasons, including working for themselves and helping people live healthy lives. Choosing the right education is the first step in making this your career.

Why Is Time in A Clinic Important In Chiropractic Schools?

The clinic portion of your education is a vital part of chiropractic school requirements. It will help you fit the rest of your education together for the best results in your future chiropractic career.

What Are Chakra Healing Wands And What Can They Do For Me?

A chakra healing wand is an extension of your own energy, first and foremost. They can help you to channel that energy to your personal goals. Chakra wands come in many forms and shapes, but most are made of crystal or gemstone with a rounded tip at the end.

How Alternative Treatments Work For Patients With Lung Cancer

Alternative cancer treatments are available to patients with lung cancer. These are widely researched; hence, they are effective in some ways.

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