Cannabis Breeding Tips & Techniques for Select Traits: Mean Gene / Green Flower

Stop Dieting and Start Living – How a Wellness Coach Can Help

Are you on a diet yo-yo? Did you know this stresses your body? Losing weight and keeping it off means you must make a lifestyle change, not just jump on the next fad diet bandwagon. But, making a lifestyle change is not always easy. It requires a lot of dedication and will-power. It also requires that you decrypt all the mixed messages you are getting about what’s healthy and what’s not. This is where a wellness coach comes in.

Why Is “Yin Vs. Yang” So Important In Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Do you want to know Chinese medicines systematically? Is Chinese medical science really helpful? Do you want a free Book About Traditional Chinese Medicine Health-care Regulation Program?

Take a Natural Approach to Shingles

There is more to Shingles than what you see on the tv commercials. While the chickenpox virus may contribute there are other factors that one must consider also.

Indian Neem As a Perfect Ingredient For Beauty

Indian Neem is a perfect ingredient for cosmetic products. It has not only cosmetic but also medical properties. It is very effective in struggle against acne, dry skin, hair loss, irritation and dandruff. There are a lot of useful tips and recipes that will help you to apply neem correctly with benefit to your health. You have to know about all the positive effects that neem can bring us.

Allergy-Addiction Syndrome: How The Foods That You Crave Are The Ones That Hurt You The Most

Did you know that a good majority of individuals have food sensitivities and don’t even realise it? Did you know that in many cases these very foods are the foods that people eat the most often? While not all allergic foods cause an “addiction”, most food addictions are due to food sensitivities. Have you ever had the feeling that after eating a certain meal, a few minutes later you were hungry again? Do you always crave the same foods? Do you seem to not be able to lose weight no matter what your efforts? Chances are you have food sensitivities!

The Importance of Health and Fitness

The words “health” and “fitness” have been abuzz over the past couple of years, as we see many people making necessary changes in their lifestyle in an effort to become healthier, to live longer and to delay the onset of the signs of aging and illness. This is probably one of the best trends to become widespread among many people as its aim is to improve a person’s quality of life.

Harmful Household Chemicals

You may have harmful chemicals in your home. These can impact you and your family.

Seasonal Affective Disorder – How To Overcome The “Winter Blues”

As winter approaches, we seem to be plagued by two new realities – the days get colder and they get shorter. Dealing with the cold is relatively easy, add more layers of clothing, curl up in a blanket, take a warm bath, etc. However, dealing with the days getting shorter can be more problematic. For some individuals they not only suffer from the lack of motivation that many individuals face during this time but they also suffer from seasonal affective disorder or SAD. So what is SAD exactly?

Sound Therapy for Health and Wellbeing – A Solution to Our Modern Stress Problems

Sound therapy is an excellent option for people looking for an effective, natural method of healing without any side effects. Though this therapy has been in use for generations, modern scientists are just beginning to realize its helpful features. The therapy with its variations may be employed for treating a large number of health issues.

Big Skin Surprise of an Indian Spice

Turmeric is one of the most popular Indian spices. It is used in cooking and as a cosmetic ingredient. There are a lot of tips which will help you to apply cosmetics which include this components in a right way.

Natural Remedies for Sciatica – Treat Sciatic Nerve Pain Now

You may want to find some remedies for sciatica that are going to be effective and help you relieve the pain. If you are dealing with sciatica then you most likely know the pain that is associated with it. Dealing with pain in your lower back, legs and even your hips can make it very difficult to function in life. Carrying out even the smallest tasks can be very complicated and painful.

Yoga Helps People With Diabetes

Yoga has been viewed as a helpful form of exercise that relaxes the mind and body. When it eases the body into postures, yoga is intended to improve the body’s balance and strength, increase our flexibility and enhance our well-being. This ancient practice which originated in India also helps decrease stress which can be helpful in controlling glucose levels in people with type 1 or 2 diabetes.

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