Cannabis, Autism & Epilepsy: What’s the Connection? John Gaitanis, MD / CannMed / Green Flower

How Can Addiction to Social Networking Be Recovered?

Addiction to social networking can lead to wasting of one’s valuable time and energy plus making his or her life unhealthy and stressful. Several online anti-addiction forums and sites are there to help millions of individuals undergo a speedy addiction recovery and freely discuss their issues with others.

CCSVI and LYME Connection

CCSVI – Chronic Cerebrospinal Venous Insufficiency is a condition only recently discovered that affects Lyme patients. It was orginally discovered in MS patients and further research has connected it to Lyme and Autism Spectrum Disorder as well.

Eating Right During Chronic Illness

What you put in is what you get out. There is no truer statement for how important it is to eat healthy especially if you are battling a chronic illness. Use these steps to make the plunge into healthier eating to heal.

Get Grounded – The Barefoot Revolution – Increase Physical Wellbeing and Vitality

A newly discovered natural remedy and preventative health practice that has recently surfaced is called Earthing. Just like the sun gives us natural vitamins and energy the Earth’s electrical frequencies can have a similar effect.

Exploring the Reiki Principles

Reiki is more than an effective form of holistic healing. It also provides guidelines for a happy life!

Why Are Royal Jelly Supplements Considered Beneficial For Humans?

Royal Jelly, which is produced by bees for the benefit of the Queen, is known to have a number of health benefits. This compound is reserved exclusively for the Queen, and the larvae designated as a potential queen to keep them healthy. By nature, bees are known to have habits that are clean.

Do You Have A High Pain Tolerance?

A common statement from a new patient in our office (and a lot of chiropractic offices that I’ve talked to) is “I have a high pain tolerance.” But do they really?

St John’s Wort Interactions And Precautions

St John’s wort is popularly known as an herb that cures anxiety and mild depression. According to the users, it is the best prescription antidepressant compared to the medicines these days. Moreover, it apparently doesn’t have any serious or harmful side effects.

Aluminum Vs Steel and the Importance of Harmonics

This is the second part of information from Dr. John Beaulieu. In this post John discusses why he selects aluminum alloy over steel for tuning forks.

Diverticulitis and Natural Medicines

Diverticulitis is a common and treatable condition, yet conventional medicine has little to offer in terms of treatment options. Learn more about what natural medicines can do for you.

Benefits of Almond Oil for Hair and Skin

Have you ever wondered why most beauty products available in the market contain almond oil and they even boastfully display that it is the product’s primary ingredient? Almond oil is loaded with essential vitamins for beauty such as A, D and E which makes it an ideal treatment for hair and skin. How Almond Oil works for Hair and Skin It is one of the most highly effective natural ingredients that can enhance and develop skin and hair.

Conservative Care for Neck Pain

Conservative treatment is a term that is used when no surgery is involved. This could be something as simple as counseling. However, people who suffer from recurring or chronic neck pain have cannot just wait and watch and have to consider some alternative preventive-measures.

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