All you need to know about using CBD for sex – CBD oil and female libido

Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

Knowledge is power! Learn how to reduce your blood pressure naturally by following these lifestyle modifications.

Alleviate Low Back Pain

How to alleviate low back pain. Avoiding surgery and instead correct the source of the problem, not just the symptoms.

How Safe Is Herbal Medicine?

Treating patients with herbal medicine has become very popular so far. Herbal medicine seems to be a very promising alternative type of treatment. The benefits are considered to outweigh the downsides. This article will focus on the downsides if any and particularly discuss how safe herbal medicine really is. After this, you should be able to have a good understanding about the proper way of dealing with herbal medicine, what to avoid and how to take advantage of this alternative way of treating and curing many sorts of diseases.

Our Health Is Surrounded by Superstition, Controversy and Failure of Making Decisions

Our health is often surrounded by a number of things, and superstition could be one of them. Decision making of any kind becomes a daunting situation. Making any decision about health is the most responsible and crucial one we may have to face in our lifetime.

Top 5 Excessive Sweating Causes And Possible Remedies Revealed

Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating, a condition whereby the body sweats abnormally in the armpits, feet and hands. Although sweating is a normal condition of the body in its haemostatic functions, hyperhidrosis is an extreme case of sweating. Sweating is a very embarrassing body condition.

Sweating Hands Are Embarrassing, But What Are The Solutions?

Does excessive hand sweating (hyperhidrosis) embarrass you? Are you tired of constant drying your hands off sweat? You are not alone, a good number of the world’s population suffer from this embarrassing sweating. Sweating is a normal phenomenon of the body. Sweating is a haemostatic process of the body, a process by which the body releases excess heat while at the same time getting rid of some of the body’s waste.

Tips for Juicing You Need to Know

Great health is something that is taken for granted until it is taken from you. The fact of the matter is that the Western diet has caused an increase in obesity, diabetes, and other issues. Fruits and vegetables are natural foods that provide the body with the nourishment that it needs.

High Blood Pressure Meds Can Elevate The Risk Of Dying

High blood pressure medications can increase one’s risk of strokes, heart disease and death. A patient is never informed of the risks and the drugs are over prescribed by an army of physicians who are minions for the pharmaceutical companies.

The 5 Most Popular And Commonly Used Herbs

Herbs have been our life saviors since time immortal and even in today’s modern world more than 50% of the people are still dependent on alternative form of medicine. Although there are hundreds of herbs which are commonly used in our life but some of the herbs have proven to be really effective in treating a variety of ailments. In this article we are going to find out about five of these herbs which play an important role in keeping our health at its optimal levels.

All About Organic Coconut Oil

The coconut tree is known as the “tree of life” because it is highly valued and used as a remedy for many illnesses. It is full of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants as well as essential and important fatty acids needed by the body.

Concentrated Cherry Juice for Inflammation

Cherries are a delicious, versatile fruit that can be found in abundance throughout the world. From pies to salads, these little red fruits can add a tangy sweetness to just about any dish. More importantly, cherries are packed with both dietary fiber and loaded with antioxidants making them just as super of a super food as blueberries or broccoli. Also, despite what Big Pharma does not want you to know, Cherries are known to be powerful fighters against inflammation, beneficial in muscle repair and have even been known to help cure gout.

Amazing Health Benefits of Natural Honey

Pure natural honey is still the best choice if you really want to get the health benefits from eating honey. It costs a little bit more than ordinary honey, but its benefits are truly worth its value. Let me share to you some of the amazing health benefits of natural honey. Here are some of them.

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