10 Steps to Start a CBD Business (10/10): Advertise Your Business

Not Milk!

Is the first food that a mother produces, colostrum, the same as milk? I think not! Not only can it help you with overcoming dairy intolerance but it can help with bone density, vitamins, minerals and more.

A Doctors Perspective – 21 Day Cleanse Program

I am a big believer in trying things before I recommend them to my patients. I would never tell them to do something that I would not do myself. Since I am a skeptic, I most recently I have embarked upon a 21 day cleanse diet from one of my nutrition companies – Standard Process.

Finding the Emotional Healing Techniques That Work

There are nothing more complicated or misunderstood than human emotions. The reason for that isn’t because they are mysterious. It is because they are very hard to control. Impulses are sudden, grief is physically painful, and happiness is like nirvana. Deep emotional stress can cause heart damage. Every emotion leads to a certain physical response. Changing that physical response will trick the brain into controlling the emotion. There are several emotional healing techniques that work, and a person just needs to do a little digging.

Sore Throat Home Remedies Treatments for Relief

Sore throat home remedies are many and varied and range from the ridiculous to the medically tested and proven. If you have sore throat problems you will find some answers here.

EFT For Back Pains And Sex (Part 3)

The main thrust of emotional freedom technique is about the balancing of energy in the body. This is done by tapping specific acupuncture points on the body in order to allow this Ch’i energy to flow freely from one acupuncture point to the next through the meridians on the body, thereby eliminating any abnormal flow patterns of energy that could cause your body to experience certain problems, such as back pains.

Using Sarapin As Natural Treatment for Sprain and Strain

Sprains and strains are common injuries that can affect anyone, but are more likely to occur in individuals who are involved with sports, repetitive activities, and activities with high risk for accidents. When injured, a ligament, muscle, or a tendon may be damaged. Usually, NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or corticosteroids are being used to treat inflammation, however, they can cause side effects that may lead to another problem or may worsen the current condition. Sarapin is a natural solution derived from a pitcher plant that can be used as an alternative for conventional anti-inflammatory treatments. It is effective in minimizing inflammation without causing major side effects. Sarapin may be combined with other alternative treatment methods such as physical therapy and chiropractic care to maximize results.

How to Benefit From Natural Treatment for Depression

Learn how you can benefit from natural treatment for depression. It is possible, not only to deal with it without side effects, it is also possible to cure it.

Alternative Health Treatments in Ireland Reviewed

Alternative health has become big business in Ireland over the last ten years. So what are the major categories of alternative therapy, and what are their benefits? In this, the first in a series of articles, we will attempt to give an outline of what treatments are available in clinics throughout Ireland, and just exactly what claims are made in their favour.

A Healthy Internet Connection

I recently ran across a great idea on the Internet; a personal health management platform that allows you to track your health issues and fitness goals, research and investigate your health related questions and concerns, and even consult experts with your specific healthcare and fitness questions. It is a great idea that has been implemented nicely, combining social networking health features with a personal health management suite that encompasses the whole range of your health related activity. The Internet has been implicated in all sorts of health issues, both physical and emotional, and it is refreshing to see an…

Inflammation – The Truth

Most of us are familiar with the term but do not really understand its ramifications as to how it relates to our long-term health. We are all familiar with the outward signs of inflammation: twist your ankle and you’ll soon see swelling, feel pain, and later see discoloration.

Healing Plants

How plants aid body’s repair. Which plants and herbs to use for specific ailments.

Avoiding Colds And Flus Naturally

In case you don’t know you can strengthen your immune system naturally without prescription or over the counter medicines, There are certain herbs, foods, supplements, and home remedies that really can help you to avoid catching a cold or flu. And at the same time strengthen your immune system. And if you do end up coming down with the cold or a flu it won’t be as severe and it won’t last as long.

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