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Common Gastronomic Intestinal Ailments

Many people suffer from gastro-intestinal ailments, but do not seek treatment. We tend to think nothing of it as long as we are able to eat and drink. It is through the gastro-intestinal system that we acquire nutrition; the strength of this organ will determine our body development and health.

Reasons for Sweating at Night and Their Cure

There are many reasons one might end up sweating at night. From climatic condition to a problem with your mind, as well as medical conditions affecting your body, there are causes which you might not be aware of which can make you break out in a bout of sweating, and you might wake up with the bed sheets wet with your own sweat.

Stupid Things That Cause Stress the Most and How You Can Prevent Them

Most people forget what the core reason for the stress in their lives. Most people dwell on the obvious stressors such as their day- to-day activities but the truth is, these aren’t the culprits after all. Unfortunately, we are our own stressors but we just deny it over and over again. The only solution to finally mitigate it is you should cure it yourself.

Warrior Re-Entry Survival Teams

Warriors (veterans) are struggling with their reintegration into their families and civilian communities. It’s affecting their family life, employment, bank account, and community support. Warriors want to contribute to their families and create safe…

Modern Treatment For Migraines With Chiropractic

Migraines are a debilitating condition that affects approximately twenty eight million Americans every year. While there has been no cure identified for migraines, modern science permits us to narrow down their triggers.

Chiropractic For Shoulder And Neck Pain

Neck pain is common today and affects most people at some time in their lives. In fact, two thirds of the population will experience neck pain during their lives. Healthcare professionals often refer to neck pain as cervicalgia. It is common for those with neck pain to have accompanied pain in one or both shoulders.

Ways and Means for Lowering Healthcare Costs

“Find a way for lowering healthcare costs.” is a cry across America. Without question, a trillion dollars per year can be saved in US healthcare costs when we initiate a few simple plans including taking charge of our own health.

Ayurveda Medicinal Properties of Kapikacchu – Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna pruriens is a legume, found in Africa, India and the Caribbean. It is an annual, climbing shrub which grows over 13 – 15 m height. The young plant is completely covered by hair where as older plants are free of it. The leaves are tripinnate. Flowers are white, lavender, or purple. The fruits are leguminous. The husk is very hairy and carries up to seven seeds. Its seed pods are about 10 cm long and are covered in loose, orange hairs that cause a severe itch if they come in contact with skin. The chemical compounds responsible for the itch are a protein, mucunain, and serotonin.

Sweating While Sleeping: Do You Need To Worry?

A lot of times you might find yourself awake in the middle of the night, drenched in your own sweat. A terrible nightmare, perhaps, or something that you ate disagreed with you?

What Is Nourishment? What Is Health?

What is nourishment? Think out of the box.

Safe And Effective Home Removal Methods For Moles

Is it really a good idea to employ home mole removal methods? And what are the consequences of these methods?

Car Accident Whiplash Injury and Treatment

Although whiplash is a very common occurrence in car accidents, whiplash injuries can also occur in sports, where impacts from behind are common. As a matter of fact, any activity or accident which involves the head being snapped forward and backward suddenly and rapidly can result in whiplash. Whiplash injury is a very serious reality for those victims.

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